Main activities 2018

  • International conference in Matera ECoC2019 “Matera: city of culture, city of nature. The city of the ecological system man/society/nature – the role of culture for circular city-region regeneration” Keynote speakers invited: Christian Ost, Christer Gustafsson; 11-12 December 2018
  • 4th EU stakeholders meeting for the implementation of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, 08 March 2018, Bruxelles, Belgium
  • Book on “European Carnival traditions” included in the activities of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 in Italy (MiBACT)
  • INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVES FORUM on cultural heritage – Bruxelles, Belgium 23 April 2018
  • 5th EU stakeholders meeting for the implementation of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, 4-5 June 2018, Bruxelles, Belgium
  • High-Level European Parliament Conference on “Cultural Heritage in Europe: linking past and future”, 26 June 2018.
  • ICOMOS event “Heritage for Sustainability: Implementing SDG 11.4 through Local Voices and Global Agendas for Cultural & Natural Heritage” at the High-Level Political Forum 2018 for the review of SDG 11 , highlighting linkages with other SDGs especially SDG 12
  • International Seminar: “Unlocking Cultural Heritage Values. Challenges to the Economics of Conservation in the XXI Century”, – introduction and welcome Prof Luigi Fusco Girard, President ICOMOS ISCEC (International Scientific Committee on the Economics of Conservation) – Patrizia Riganti (ISCEC member). Participation of David Throsby (ISCEC member), Francesca Medda (ISCEC member); 9 August 2018

Main Activities 2017

  • ICOMOS Coordination meeting on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, 4-5 February, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Forum of participation for G7 of Culture: Heritage and Sustainability in SGDs 2030, 30-31 March, Florence, Italy
  • 1st EU stakeholders meeting in preparation of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, 28 April, Bruxelles, Belgium
  • UCLG Culture Summit, 10-13 May 2017, Jeju, Republic of Korea – Culture in Sustainable Cities
  • 2nd EU stakeholders meeting of the stakeholders in preparation of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, 8 September 2017, Bruxelles, Belgium
  • 3rd EU stakeholders meeting for the official launch of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, 5-6 December 2017, Milan, Italy – European Culture Forum (7-8 December)
  • International Workshop on “Circular business, financing and governance models and evaluation tools for heritage-led urban regeneration”, 11-12 December, Napoli, Italy
  • 19th ICOMOS General Assembly, 11-14 December 2018, New Delhi, India

Main Activities 2016

  • Seminar Cultural Heritage Law and The Built Environment: Preserving Outstanding Universal Value In Asia’s Historic Cities 17-18 March Singapore in cooperation with ICOMOS Singapore
  • International Workshop, 21-23 March, Naples, Italy – Advanced Brainstorm Carrefour (ABC) “THE SCIENCE OF THE CITY”
  • UIS expert meeting, 26-28 September, Paris, France – UIS – UNESCO Institute for Statistics- Expert Group on Heritage Statistics
  • ICOMOS event at Habitat III Conference, 20 October, Quito, Ecuador – Leveraging Natural & Cultural Heritage to Improve Urban Livability and Resilience: SDG Target 11.4 and Beyond

Main Activities 2015

  • International Conference Heritage Counts for Europe, 2-3 February in Leuven, Belgium
  • International Workshop, 2-3 March, Naples, Italy – Towards operationalising UNESCO Recommendations on Historic Urban Landscape
  • Smart Labs 2015-2016, Naples, Italy – with prof. Xavier Greffe, Andrew Potts, Randall Mason, Peter Nijkamp, Karima Kourtit, Christian Ost, Fabiola Riccardini, Michael Turner, Sofia Avegerinou Kolonias
  • Planning a seminar together with EU Commission DG Research and Innovation on the topic future research needs
  • Meeting in Stockholm, Sweden 28-29 June. Topic ISCEC and UN Habitat
  • Scientific Symposium and Annual General Assembly 25-30 October Fukuoka, Japan
  • Meeting with ICOMOS Singapore. Topic to prepare an international seminar in March 2016. Kevin Yl Tan, ICOMOS Singapore

Main Activities 2014

  • Committee meeting and International Conference, 21-23 May, Visby, Sweden – Integrated Conservation and the three dimensions of Sustainable Development
  • UN-Habitat Urban Thinkers Campus, 15-18 October, Caserta, Italy – Urban Labs on ‘The Historic Urban Landscape: Incorporating New Development in Historic Contexts’ / ‘Hybrid Landscape as an Engine of Local Economic Development’
  • Participation to the EU Horizon 2020 Expert Group on Cultural Heritage (2014 Towards an integrated approach to cultural heritage for Europe, 2015 Getting cultural heritage to work for Europe)
  • International workshop Historic Urban Landscape 14 November in Florence, Italy
  • Planning a seminar together with EU Commission DG Research and Innovation on the topic future research needs

Main Activities 2013

  • International Workshop, 2-3 May, Naples, Italy – The Future of the ‘New Urban World’: Economic, Social and Spatial Transformation of Cities

Main Activities 2012

  • During 2012 the World Bank’s book Economics of Uniqueness was published. Several of ISCEC’s members have contributed with articles.
  • International conference, 24-25 May, Valletta, Malta – Ports as new magnets of urban sustainable development, ISCEC-ICOMOS meeting
  • World Urban Forum 2012, Naples, Italy
    – 1-2 September – Port Cities as Hotspots of Creative and Sustainable Local Development
    – 5 September – The Role of the Integrated Conservation of Cultural Heritage for a Creative, Resilient and Sustainable City
    – 6-7 September – The Wealth of Nations -The Wealth of Cities Promoting dynamic local economic development

Main Activities 2011

  • Committee meeting, May, Washington DC, USA – Presentation of the World Bank book “Economics of Uniqueness: Cultural Heritage Assets and Historic Cities as Public Goods”
  • EVoCH Seminar, 24-25 August, Helsinki, Finland – Economic Value of Cultural Heritage
  • 17th ICOMOS General Assembly and Scientific Symposium, 2 December, Paris, France – discussion of a Chart of “Principles of Economics of Conservation”; Historic Urban Landscape; draft for ISCEC membership policies in Paris; Relations with other ICOMOS ISC; ISCEC Information policy; and workshop during next World Urban Forum

Last updated: 06/12/2018